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My name is Alanis and I’ve just started a Fashion Degree at the Arts University Bournemouth, here I will be displaying creative posts weekly.

Firstly here’s a fashion illustration piece by Florian Meacci, I came across his work a few years back, and when someone says the word illustration this is the man I think of. He draws with biros, and paints with watercolours for each of his pieces, and the contrast between the two is fascinating. Meacci’s art is about contradiction, in some of his work he likes to combine things which are not made to be together, he always tries to put something unexpected.

His work is very inspiring and helps make you think outside of the box, especially if you view his other pieces of work, you really understand the differences, and can see the contrasts between parts of the whole piece, viewing his pieces I always want to know why does he chose to create conflict between imagery.

You can view Florian Meacci’s work by clicking the links below –




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