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Ana Strumpf is an Illustrator, interior and product designer, creative consultant and director, she is but one single thing; a creator. She has partnerships with brands such as, Bertolucci, Tok&Stok, Micasa and Walt Disney Co. Her drawings are illustrated in Vogue, in which she collaborates her monthly column Olho Mágico, and online show A Moda da Casa with Style.com and Nylon.


Her illustration work done over fashion magazine covers, has traveled around the world. In her hands everything obtains new colors, packaging, and meaning. This also happens to the places she decorates, whether in São Paulo, Miami or New York.

To view more of Ana Strumpf’s work, you can visit her website at – http://www.anastrumpf.com.br


The images above and below are illustrations I have created over magazine covers, using Ana Strumpf for inspiration, I generated these through Adobe Photoshop, and used different techniques to produce and change the original magazine into something a lot more brighter, colourful, more interesting and something that I felt looked good.


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