// marbling and screen printing //

On Thursday at Uni we had a visit from Becky Baier, to show us all how to marble and screen print, even though I have done these before, it was nice to re-jog my memory.

Becky is a freelance illustrator and mural artist living and working in London. In her work she uses found imagery, cutting and pasting to create surreal collages.

I began with screen printing, which is where you have a flat washable surface, such as perspex, and roll a thin layer of ink of top. You then place a piece of card on top of that and you can then begin to draw, this will then pick up the ink in the lines you draw. I used magazine cut outs hand drew over these instead of going straight in free hand.

After screen printing I moved over to marbling, this is where you drop different colours of inks, into water which also consists a corn starch mixture. Once you have dropped the inks onto the water, you are able to create shapes and patterns using a toothpick. Then you can get a piece of card or paper and place this carefully over the ink, and this will lift up the ink and create your pattern on the card, creating a marbled effect.

After my marbled pieces were dry, I collaged both my screen prints and marbled pieces together, cutting and pasting these and creating a few final collages. I then photocopied these to create my final flat images.

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