// Glasto gallery – disposables //

Hey guys!

A couple weeks back I attended Glastonbury Festival, at Worthy Farm! I had THE best time! It was my first Glasto, and my oh my, it was amazing!  2019 seems like a long long way away now, let the countdown begin!

I took a couple of disposable cameras with me and got some great shots! Below I have collated my favourite pictures and created an album.

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IMG_2697IMG_2696IMG_2695IMG_2694IMG_2693IMG_2692IMG_2698IMG_2691IMG_2690IMG_2689IMG_2688IMG_2687IMG_2684IMG_2681IMG_2680IMG_2679IMG_2677IMG_2675IMG_2678IMG_2676If you ever get the chance to attend Glastonbury or something similar, don’t turn it down! You’ll create the happiest of memories, with great friends, watching and listening to great music!

xx, Alanis

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