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A week ago me and Jake (my boyf – if you didn’t already know) went to London for a day trip. Lucky for us it’s just around an hour on the train each way. We’d planned to go to Hackney for the summer fete they had going on. So once we’d arrived in Paddington we hopped onto the tube and went over to Hackney. The weather was great, and the sun was shinning as we walked over to the church of St.John’s, Hackney. As we walked around there were quite a few stalls, including bars and food stalls, clothes and games stalls for the kids. We stopped off for a beer and a falafel wrap, before chilling on the surrounding grass for lunch.

Once we’d had enough of the fete, we walked over towards the Olympic park and stopped off for a few more drinks (it was the weekend after all) by the canal, at ‘Shane’s on Canalside’. There were a lot of people about, definitely due to the sun, but also because Wimbledon was on the outdoor big screen.

After we’d finished our bevvies, we took a stroll down the canal and arrived at the Olympic park. It was completely empty here, almost soulless of people. But still, it was extremely picturesque, and I got some really cool shots of the surrounding areas.

The weather just kept getting better and better throughout the day. From the Olympic park, we headed over to Westfield shopping centre, where we’d planned on having dinner later that evening. Let me tell you, that was where everyone was hiding. It was packed. We walked around the shops, mainly to see if I could find anything for our upcoming holidays. Unfortunately I didn’t, but it was fun anyhow. The hours went by quickly and it was almost dinner time, but not before we stopped off for another drink (obvs) in the sun.

IMG_2662Once our drinks were devoured, we walked around the corner to ‘The Real Greek’ where we ate dinner. What can I say, for a chain restaurant it was super tasty! We chose around five plates to share between us, lamb kefte, tiropitakia (filo pastry parcels), loukaniko (beef and pork sausage), grilled kalamari and lamb cutlets. Jake opted for wine, followed by a beer, and I chose prosecco bellini (times two of course!) I would highly recommend for anyone who is close by to one of their restaurants, or if your visiting somewhere that has one. After we stuffed our faces and our stomachs to the brim, we headed on back to stratford tube station, where we arrived just around the corner from Paddington station. And after the short walk around the corner, it was time to leave the big city.

xx, Alanis

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