// Fake Tan Routine //

Hi guys,

So I’m currently away in Budapest at the moment. But before I go on holiday, I like to “cheat” my tan to begin with. As I really don’t wanna be pasty, when I can finally get my arms and legs out! Having a tan just makes me feel a whole lot better too, it’s magical!

So to begin with, the day before I know I’m going to tan, I like to exfoliate and shave my legs in a nice hot shower. How arty are those shower pics.. !

First off I wash my hair. I like to keep the shampoo in for the maximum amount of time, so I do this at the start, then wash it out at the end, once I’ve completed everything else. I’m currently using the Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo with argan and camellia oils, and let me tell you it nourishes your hair and leaves it silky smooth, and once dry and styled you have a glowing shine! It feels and looks soooo gooood!

Once I’ve shampooed my hair, I turn to the St Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Polish to exfoliate my whole body. It is specially formulated to work with self tan and it helps my tan last longer, and fade more evenly when it starts to wash off.  To apply I just massage it into my wet skin in circular motions, this also helps to remove any dead skin cells. Then I just rinse it all off, it leaves my skin both soft and smooth.

To shave my legs, I’ve just started to use the Gillette Venus Satin Care Pure & Delicate Shave Gel. I’ve never really used a shaving gel before, I never really saw the point, I just tended to use my shampoo or shower gel. But after using this, I don’t know why I never turned to shaving gel sooner! It makes shaving so much easier, and less of a mission to do. My legs are always left smooth and completely hairless, just what I want in life! Once I’ve washed the access gel off, I then wash out my shampoo, and hop out of the shower.

I then like to moisturise my body, to do this I use my St Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser. It leaves my skin velvety soft and smooth, and ready to apply my tan the next day. Both the St Tropez body polish and moisturiser are suitable for all types of tan, and I couldn’t recommend them both enough! You can use the moisturiser once you are tanned too, and it helps prolong it for up to three days longer. It also reduces tan break-up and improves fade. A real bonus.

So it’s the next day, around 24 hours later, and it’s time to apply my tan. To apply, I use the St Tropez Tanning Applicator Mitt, it is soft and spongey, and a super easy-to-use. It evenly distributes my tan formula, and helps gives me a streak-free and even finish, with flawless results every time. The mitt also has a water-resistant barrier, which v helpful, as I’d rather not have tanned stained hands!

(Excuse the “just used” mitt – I forgot to take a photo before it got dirty!)

Now for my tan, you’ve guessed it, it’s St Tropez! The formula I use is the Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse. It leaves me with such a lovely natural and healthy looking tan, I love the end results! It is lightweight, streak-free and easy to apply, with no normal gross self tan smell, it’s fragranced, so doesn’t actually smell too bad. It also dries suuuuper quick, and isn’t too sticky when you are letting it develop. Sometimes it can transfer, but most of the time, if I’m just chilling whilst it’s developing, it doesn’t. The longest the tan has lasted on me is probably around 8-9 days, and thats with using the body polish and moisturiser too.

Now the steps on how I apply:

  1. Immediately prior to application I moisturise any dry areas including my elbows, knees, ankles and feet.
  2. I then pump out the mousse onto the mitt and apply it in long sweeping motions, starting at my ankles, I work my way up my body. For my back, I turn the mitt back to front and apply the mousse in the same way. Once I’m certain I’ve covered all areas of my body, I lightly gliding any excess tan from the mitt over my hands and feet.
  3. I then wait until my body is touch dry before I get dressed. I normally just throw on any loose fitting clothing.
  4. After I’m dressed I allow 4-8 hours before showering, sometimes if I’ve applied the tan late at night I sleep with it on. When I’m showered it reveals my developed tan.
  5. Then to prolong and maintain my tan, I moisturise daily, exfoliate regularly and I reapply as and when I desire.

If you’re unsure on how much mousse to pump for each part of your body, you can follow these guides:

  • 2 pumps per arm
  • 4 pumps per leg
  • 5 pumps per body (5 front & 5 back)

To show you the results of my tan, I’ve added in a before and after picture below…

As you can see, washing off the guidance colour of the tan in the shower, has left me with the most beautiful, naturally glowing tan. I LOVE it.

Me before I tan: Ughh, I’m useless.
Me after I tan: My hair is perfect, my makeup is flawless, I’m sure I’ve lost weight, I’m unstoppable, I’m actually perfect.

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xx, Alanis

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