// All Nighter foundation // Urban Decay // Review //

I recently purchased the ‘All Nighter Long-wear Liquid foundation’ by Urban decay. What can I say, this really does last all night. I wanted a foundation that was long lasting and didn’t transfer on any clothing, and that’s what I got.

I really put it to the test in the heat of the sun whilst queuing for Glastonbury for 5 hours! I was so surprised to see the foundation had lasted in the heat as well as it did. Since then I have tried it on nights out, and I can tell you, no matter how long you party, the foundation isn’t going to move off your face.

It is full coverage, hides any redness, covers spots and gives you a lovely even complexion, my boyfriend even complimented me on my fresh looking skin, and I hadn’t even told him about the new foundation I was trying. Definitely a winner, if even he noticed. It isn’t too drying, nor does it make you look shiny or oily, it’s lovely and dewy on my skin, and where it needs to stay dryer, it does, on the T zone, nose and chin.


Before and after pictures above, before I applied the rest of my makeup.

They have a large amount of shades, I chose shade 3.0 for when I have a tan. At first when I pumped a small amount I thought it was going to be a little too light, but the colour payoff turned out just right as it oxidised once applied on my face.

I used both a brush, and a beauty blender to see which if either worked best, and which I preferred. They both worked really well, and I didn’t have to work the foundation into my skin as quickly as I thought I would, it dried in a good amount of time. They both gave an even appearance, but overall I think I prefer using a brush with this foundation, just because with a brush you can buff it in more on your face.


Now, the bottle, well just how cool is it? I love the dark silver effect, it’s edgy, modern and it looks and feels luxurious. The other great thing about the bottle is that you can see the exact amount of foundation you have left because it gets pushed up in the bottle, after each pump you use. Which also means you get every last drop of foundation in the bottle, you definitely get your money’s worth.


My ‘finished’ makeup for the night, minus my lipstick.

Overall, I’m absolutely loving this foundation, it is probably now the one I will reach to most when I want something long lasting, that can not only last the heat and sweat, but cover any redness and stay dewy. I love how healthy it makes my face look and feel, and how I feel wearing the foundation, you could probably say it gives me more confidence in myself. There’s no doubt about it that I will be purchasing this again when I run out, and I might even purchase a lighter shade soon, for when I don’t have a tan.



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