// The 5 Basic Principles of a Complete Wardrobe //

Hi guys,

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So, here we go..

I’ve recently started to read ‘The Curated Closet’ by Anuschka Rees, and started to think about the basic principles of my wardrobe, and what I can share with you all.

So below I have my top 5 basic principles. Hopefully you can take these 5 points, and use them whilst looking through your wardrobe. Maybe your “attempting” a clear out, but you can’t let go of items you think you’ll wear again, or maybe you just want to look at your clothes in a new way.

So for number 1.

QUALITY – It is a better long-term investment to buy high-quality pieces that last for several seasons.

Here is a perfect example for when you see two items of clothing, both similar in looks, but one is more expensive. Rather than picking the cheaper option, just for the fact that it’s, well, cheaper, you should think about the material that it’s made from. How will it look after a few washes? Will it last months upon months? Plus your day-to-day outfits will automatically look more expensive.

2. VARIETY – Opt for a mix of classic pieces and trend-driven updates.

Some of your favourite outfits may include a mixture of staples, statement and trend-driven pieces. It’s great to have a mixture in your wardrobe, it means that you have many options to choose from, and you should feel satisfied with what you own.

3. FORM & FUNCTION – Your clothes should be both practical (easy to move in, comfortable) and beautiful.

Your wardrobe will be filled with all sorts of pieces, and without necessarily thinking about either form, or function. But without realising, that actually, you have thought about it. Those straight leg trousers that you tried on, but were an awkward fit, and the material was sticking up places that they shouldn’t have, there you have “function”. Or the time you tried on a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing dress, there you have full-filled “form”.

4. VERSATILITY – Stock your closet with pieces that can work for multiple occasions, outfits, and seasons.

Itโ€™s obvious, the most worn pieces in your wardrobe are clearly the most versatile pieces. When you have plenty of pieces that give you many options, and can be mixed and matched, it is a lot easier to choose what you are going to wear today. ย Or even pieces that you can dress up and down, you can transform a day-time outfit, into gorgeous evening attire.

5. PERSONALITY – Your clothes should be a reflection of your current personal style.

To feel content with your wardrobe, you need it to reflect your personal style. Our personality and preferences constantly evolve, meaning that your clothes will/should evolve with it, so that you feel your outfits are an authentic representation of yourself.

So there you have it, my 5 basic principles of a completed wardrobe.

See you next week for another quick tip Tuesday!

xx, Alanis

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