// Quick Travel Tips //

So moving on from fashion (if you missed last weeks post you can read it here), we’re are into travel, and for another 3 weeks each Tuesday I will be sharing tips and tricks with you.

For this week, we’re keeping it short and sweet, and below I have listed my top 10 travel tips:

  1. If you want to really experience a new place and culture, take your time, get lost and relax.
  2. Buy experiences, not things.
  3. Two words for anywhere; comfy shoes.
  4. Buy a book whilst you’re there. Fill it with thoughts, feelings, activities, ticket stubs, whatever you’d like.
  5. Try everything at least once.
  6. Take a day to get utterly lost; you never know what you might find.
  7. When packing, throw everything you need onto your bed, and pick out half of that.
  8. Never carry your wallet / passport in the back pocket of your pants.
  9. Wear padded socks to prevent blisters.
  10. Always have enough time to just sit and look around where you are and be able to contemplate how pretty it is and how good a time you are having.

My favourite of all ten points is number 4. I love keeping everything like this in a memory box I have in my bedroom. It’s fun to open the box every now and again, to just relive some great experiences, and forever wishing I was back where the memory took place. Something fun to do with this is to fill the book up, and around every 3 days, send it back home to yourself. It’s like an exciting to gift to receive when you get back home, and again, can relive your previous days.

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