// What’s in my travel bag? //

So moving on from last weeks ‘should I pack it post’ (if you missed it you can read it here) I’m sharing with you what I pack in my travel bag. This isn’t for long haul flights, I would pack more on those, but if its up to a 5 hour flight, this is what I tend to put together.

I don’t really like having to carry lots of stuff in my carry-on bag, it’s just so much easier not having to search through a bag full of bits and bobs, when all you’re after is one small thing. Too stressful! So over the years of travelling by plane I have slowly cut down to my main essentials, and I don’t need anything more.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 14.09.48.png

Here’s the list of what you would find in my carry-on bag:

  1. Phone & charger – Definitely an essential for any flight. Especially when you have used your phone for google maps to try and find the airport, this runs down my battery pretty quick, so having my charger with me is always a life saver.
    Phone: shop HERE.
  2. Laptop – I have a MacBook Pro, and I never leave it behind! It always comes in handy when you just want to relax and watch a tv show or movie (ie. Netflix), or sometime I might feel like doing some work, I can get this out and start typing away. My laptop sleeve is perfect for keeping my MacBook safe and padded in my bag.
    Laptop: shop HERE. Sleeve: shop HERE.
  3. Power bank – Having a power bank in my bag is just a very handy backup for when things are getting a little low, phone and laptop wise. (Probably because I’ve forgotten to charge them both before the flight.)
    Charger: shop HERE.
  4. Small purse – Rather than taking my usual purse I have in my handbag for everyday life, I like to take a smaller purse, and just take the essential cards. I normally take cash out when I’ve arrived at my destination.
    Purse: shop HERE.
  5. Handbag hook – This isn’t really an necessity, but super handy, especially when I’m a germ-a-fobe! It can hold heavy bags by hooking to a table, it keeps my bag off the dirty gross ground. I try not to think about it too much! YUCK.
    Hook: shop HERE.
  6. Smaller bag for toiletries – This holds just a few bits, but keeping them together in a smaller pouch just means that they won’t get lost at the bottom of my bag. In it includes medicine, such as paracetamol for the headaches that won’t go away, lip balm for chapped airplane lips hand lotion for dry hands, travel tissues and hand sanitiser (obvs).
    Small pouch: shop HERE.
  7. Reading material – This will often change depending on what I’m into or reading at the time of a flight. Sometimes I’ll take a book, one that I’m already reading, and other times I’ll opt for fashion magazines.
    Magazine: shop HERE.
  8. Headphones – Well well well, this is when headphones cost me. I actually had forgotten to pack my headphones on a long flight. So I ended up purchasing some in duty free. Not ideal, but I was looking at getting some decent ones anyway. It just turned out I bought them sooner than I expected that I would. Definitely an essential to all flights! My headphones are wireless and noise cancelling two added bonuses.
    Headphones: shop HERE.
  9. Notebook – I like to take a notebook so that I can jot down any bits I might think of during the flight, such as blog post ideas or just thoughts I may have going around my head. It also comes in handy with writing down what I do day to day whilst away to make it easier when it comes to writing a post!
    Notebook: shop HERE.
  10. Pencil case – To go along with the stationary side of things, I just take a small pencil case with me to carry the essential pens and pencils, you never know when either of these come in handy, on or off the plane.
    Pencil case: shop HERE.
  11. Sunglasses – It may not be sunny before you leave so you might not think to put these in your carry-on, but you should! When you step off that plane it the scorching heat and sunshine, don’t be blinded!
    Sunglasses: shop HERE.
  12. Water bottle – I’m sure a lot of people don’t realise that you’re allowed to take water bottles through security, just as long as they’re empty with no liquid inside. You can normally fill them up somewhere inside an airport, but if you can’t see anywhere, I ask the staff behind anyone of the bars / restaurants / cafes. My water bottle is by the brand bobble, and it filters the water as you drink. They have a few different styles, such as insulated, sports and infused.
    Water bottle: shop HERE.
  13. Snacks – Last but no means least, snacks! Ughhh I LOOOVE foooood! Definitely one of the best parts of packing your bag, is buying the food! I like to take a range of sweet and savoury supplies. This is normally along the lines of, pretzels, pomegranate seeds (the best airplane fruit), sweeeeets of course, something like haribos, and a wrap of some sort – hoisin duck is my fave!

So there it all is.. hopefully it might help for when it comes to packing your own carry-on bag!

This is also the last post of the travel section for quick tip Tuesdays. Next week is the start of beauty – only 4 more posts to go! The week’s have flown by!

xx, Alanis

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