// The ULTIMATE makeup guide //

This week we begin in beauty. But if you missed the last ever travel tip post, you can read this here.

I was doing a bit of googling and research into beauty the last couple of days, just seeing what is out there that is informative, and I have come across a few things, but this guide stood out to me the most, so this is why I will be sharing with you ‘The ULTIMATE makeup guide’. It shows you how you can prepare your face before makeup, and also it guides you on what shades you could / should wear depending on skin tone and eye colour. Take a peek below:

This is just one super useful guide I have found online. If you do some research I’m sure you’ll find others that might even be better or you would prefer to use. If you want to save this, just right click on the image and ‘save as’ to your computer. You could even print it out if you’d find that more useful. Just click ‘control & P’ buttons together.

See you next week for the second ‘beauty’ quick tip Tuesday!

xx, Alanis

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