About Me


Welcome to CHARCOHL! I’m Alanis, the girl behind the name.

Who I am? Alanis, born and raised in the UK, currently based in Swindon, where I recently moved to from North Devon. My interests include reading, pretty much anything, but mainly romantic, tragicomedy novels, as well as fantasy fiction, mysteries and thrillers.

Current reads – “Eskiboy” – Wiley

I love creative writing too (hence the blog) and I write to explore current research, which I can then reflect on here. I’m a keen traveller, I’ll go anywhere to influence and develop my ideas within my work. I love long weekend city breaks best, but I can’t say no to a relaxing all inclusive holiday either!

Most recent trips – Australia & Hong Kong
Upcoming trips – Essaouira, Morocco / Lagos, Portugal

Another interest I’ve had for a lifetime is fashion. A little clichรฉ to say, I know. But I’ve taken this with me throughout school and college and went onto study Fashion at university. I now have a lot more experience in the industry and have gained so much more new knowledge. I’m always down to learning new things. Now I am currently studying Textiles at University, a small change from fashion, I love it, and love to share things as I discover them.

You’re probably here because you enjoy anything to with fashion, beauty and travel. These are my favourite things too! You’ll also be able to find my other interests here, including food, music and art. And I sometimes write about university life.

CHARCOHL was born around 4 years ago, originally as a photographic Tumblr blog. Still to this day it exists, and I post on there when I can, there are links to this around the site. I started this blog as a way to connect with like-minded individuals, and a way to collate and document my life and interests. On the site, you’ll find fashion and beauty advice and reviews, along with lookbooks for inspiration. I post new recipes and how-to’s, along with travel tips and guides on what trip to take next. And as an added little bonus, sometimes I post my newly created music playlists, to share what Iโ€™m currently into and enjoying.

Whilst on the site, you’ll be able to connect with other like-minded individuals. We are an encouraging and supportive community. We’re all probably here for the same thing after all!

Come and say hi on my other social platforms! You’ll find links around the site! Let’s connect!

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